Beard Equipment Company



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Beard Equipment Company offers a wide array of asset management and equipment buying and selling options that are tailored to the customers needs.

  • Buy complete plants or individual surplus items within the plant
  • Structure specialized purchase programs with guaranteed removal dates
  • Provide equipment storage for surplus equipment while it is being marketed
  • Assist with the removal and disposal of all types of unsalable equipment
  • The Beard Equipment sales program offers worldwide marketing exposure for all categories of industrial equipment and tooling, material handling, processing systems, lighting and electrical components, forklifts, ovens and much more. Every proposal we make is structured to optimize the customer's revenue based on the conditions at each site.
We are interested in any type of lien-free heavy-duty rolling stock, machinery tools and/or operating equipment in an industrial or manufacturing plant. All equipment should be in reasonable working condition, presentable and identified as to the functionality and performance qualities including drawings and manuals, if available.

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