Metal Industry Projects


China Lake

In 2004 Coast Constructors had the opportunity to work with Northrop Grumman Ship Systems on a project at the Naval Air Base at China Lake, Ca. The project was to construct a 24,000 square foot pre-engineered metal equipment assembly and test shelter building with an 80' high ridgeline. The work included mass excavation, storm drains, new roads, reinforced concrete footings and slabs, equipment pads, building insulation, 3 special 73 foot high sliding doors, HVAC system, wet/foam fire sprinkler system, complete electrical system including 2 diesel generators, mechanical and electrical equipment start-up. The contract required that all construction work was to be completed in 6 months. Coast completed the work in less than 5 months. The location of the construction site was in a remote mountain area of the Air Base (40 miles from the base entrance) which caused the project to be a logistic nightmare due to the very hard existing soils and sever weather conditions (6100 feet elevation). Also, the lack of electrical and mechanical utilities compounded the challenges Coast faced. Through Coast's innovative management team working in concert with Northrop Engineers, solutions like the use of Geopiers in lieu of driven and/or cast in place concrete support piles were used. Additionally due to high summer temperatures during daytime hours the placement of the building concrete footings and slab had to be accomplished during night time hours. The erection of the steel structure during early morning hours due to wind constraints were a few of the obstacles Coast had to overcome. The completion of the project was a tremendous success due to Coast's excellent management team and the concerted team work of all Subcontractors and the cooperation of our Customer, Northrop Grumman.

Subsequent to the building construction Coast was awarded the construction and erection of over 300 feet of special designed radar fence which was required for testing of special ship components which were developed at the test site. The fence installation was a challenge with fence heights up to 65', installation of highly classified special radar screening and environmental issues. In addition to the challenges, this type of radar fence installation had never been constructed before. Once again, due to Coast's THINK OUT OF THE BOX attitude this project was also completed on-time and within budget.