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History of Coast Machinery Movers

Since its inception in 1970 Larry Beard has been at the helm of Coast Machinery Movers. His vision is diversity built on expertise. With just two trucks and a couple of forklifts Larry built a team and provided them with a mission. For over four decades this Coast team has transported and built some of the most unique and complex projects of our time.

Coast Machinery completed a job that the Los Angeles Times called “Mission Impossible”, installing the first full color press line in their downtown facility. It was called Mission Impossible because they wanted it done in a year and a half, it was estimated to take twice as long. Spoiler alert, we finished in a year and a half.

Coast Machinery installed the largest press in the United States at a forging shop in Los Angeles.

Coast Machinery rigged and erected the Orbiter Lifting Facility which enabled NASA to load the space shuttle Endeavor for transport from its home in Palmdale to Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

Coast Machinery Movers success can be ascribed to our ability to efficiently tackle any project – large or small, because of our diversified personnel and Larry Beard’s passion for excellence. This “passion” is not hyperbole, Coast had the first Versi-Lift on the West Coast, some of the biggest gantry systems in the continental United States, field personnel from different facets of the industry and that allowed us to take on any project with confidence.

Where are we at today?

Coast provides premier services from coast to coast, with the ability to tackle large capital projects or small shop moves, millwrights to level and align machines, a sales force from various fields of the industry that offers solutions for your next project. We are the diversified, dependable, Coast Machinery Movers.