Metal Industry Projects


Kojima Project

On September 23, 2011 Coast Machinery Movers was asked to bid the removal, transportation, skidding, crating/packaging, and the delivery to Port Hueneme 4 400T presses each weighing in at 140,000 lbs, 4 300T presses each weighing 115,000 lbs each, and 6 truck loads of support equipment. Delivery to Port Hueneme was to be completed by October 14, 2011 to load on a ship for China on October 18, 2011.

This allowed us 3 weeks to bid the job, design and fabricate steel skids, arrange for crating and packing, remove and transport equipment to our yard, skid/crate/package machines and deliver to Port Hueneme. This was a huge undertaking to be accomplished in a very short time. CMM completed on time and on budget.