Wood Industry Projects


Seismic Retrofitting of Large Wood Structure

Coast Constructors seismically retrofitted one of the largest wood structures in the United States, with a gross area of 954,000 Sq Ft. Our crews poured 1600 cubic yards of concrete, erected 1425 tons of steel, installed 200,000 fasteners and 205,000 board feet of lumber to strengthen this massive structure. Truss strengthening included work on 50 foot, 100 foot and 150 foot clear span trusses using both steel and wood reinforcing. We enlarged 160 foundations and installed 320 new 36 foot high wide flange steel columns. Extensive relocation of mechanical and electrical utilities was required. Coast Constructors provided professional on-site project management including cost control, manpower allocation and scheduling. This complex project was completed without any production downtime in a facility that runs 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Coast Constructors managed an average of 75 men per day on this project.