Metal Industry Projects


Shultz Steel

Coast Machinery Movers delivered and installed the worlds largest all forged, closed die forging press at Shultz Steel. The press was designed in the United States and built in Japan. It weighs five million, three hundred thousand pounds with three of the heaviest pieces weighing almost one million pounds each. A specialized heavy ocean transporter carried the press components across the Pacific Ocean. The heavy Transport ship arrived at the port of Long Beach, CA. Coast utilized the ships 500 ton crane to offload the massive component onto hydraulic trailers, each having one hundred and ninety two tires. In the dead of night, the oversized pieces were transported through a maze of city streets and then were maneuvered into the newly constructed building and placed under Coast Machinery Movers 1000 ton gantry system. Using a network of beams, some weighing as much as 25,000 pounds each, Coast offloaded and set in place the million pound pieces of cargo with the necessary precision and care required by the manufacturer. In just ten weeks, (two and a half weeks ahead of schedule), the worlds largest press was delivered, offloaded and assembled.