Coast welcomes Shanan Cogbill to the Coast Team!

Shanan brings a combination of Machinery Moving and Logistics expertise that bolsters our OEM (manufacturer) direct services. With our growing requests for machinery pick up and deliveries direct from the port, Shanan will be a direct contact allowing for immediate response and scheduling of machinery deliveries. Additionally, Shanan will coordinate interim Machinery Storage for both OEM’s and the Owners when an installation site may not be ready for the machine install.

The Coast fleet of Trucks and Trailers cover the Southern California highways and streets daily with Machinery Moving and install projects. Having another direct Manager as the point of contact for these daily projects ensures our customers know where, when, and how they will get their machinery in “real-time”. Many times, plant consolidation projects are coupled with both existing machine relocations as well as the addition of new machinery.

Between our great dispatch team and Shanan, we’ve got it covered….

Steve Stone President and CEO