Every once in a while life brings everyone real blessings.

Coast was blessed a few years ago when Franklin Salazar Ocampo walked in and applied for a position with Coast. Franklin had limited if any experience, knew no one at the company, just stated “I need a job”. Franklin was hired and trained with some of the best Foreman and Superintendents that Coast has. Ultimately Franklin became one of the most requested support workers for any project. Franklin’s presence transcended moving machines and turning wrenches, Franklin presented his daily commitments with personal examples that reached past finishing the job.

Every day, literally every moment, Franklin seemed to smile. Even if it didn’t look like it, he made you feel like he was. Never late, always up for any task and truly committed to Coast, Franklin was always there. We lost Franklin to symptoms related to Covid at the end of December 2020. Needless to say, the Coast family was devastated.

Franklin did most of his work at Coast’s home yard including rigging and placement of equipment for interim storage needs. In honor of Franklin, on March 25th, 2021 we dedicated our “A” warehouse and renamed it “The Franklin”. We’ve also created a hard hat sticker in his honor.

Early in the year, we had a new applicant for duties in the yard. Franklin’s brother, Jimmy. We’re happy to have Jimmy on board and he was present to see his brother’s dedication on the 25th.

“In your honor, Franklin, thank you for your True Genuine Spirit. Forever Free”

Steve Stone President and CEO