Over the past 5 years, Coast Machinery Movers has put in motion a higher level of value-added project engineering and planning. Complexity is our “wheelhouse”, so when we see words like these, we’re even more driven to deliver exceptional results to our customers.

“Moving tanks/silos in an empty warehouse is easy, but when you have to add tanks/silos into a functional warehouse without distributing functionality, that can be challenging. A challenge CMM has had no problem conquering time and time again.

Our latest tank was their biggest challenge yet, they had to create their own leverage system due to the height restrictions within the warehouse. Their commitment and determination is unparalleled, they truly deliver white-glove service and will not leave the job until you are completely satisfied, even if it involves moving a large 23’ tank just an 1/8 of an inch.

If you need anything moved and want a guarantee it will be treated as their own, give Ryan a call.

Not only do they move equipment, but they can help out with any metal shop needs as well.”

Chris Stucky

Engineering Project Director