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Aerospace Industry Projects

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CA UTAS Wheels and Brakes Carbon Manufacturing Facility

Coast Machinery Movers removed a 15’ diameter by 25’ tall furnace weighing in at 100,000 lbs. Due to the confined nature of the customers site there was no easy way to get it out of the building. Thinking outside the box Coast proposed a roof hatch solution that would allow both the existing furnace to be removed, and the future furnace to be installed without requiring a plant shutdown.

Mastodon Autoclave

Move Northrop Grumman’s composite structure manufacturing operation to Hill Air Force Base

Air Force One

Move the Air Force One aircraft from San Bernardino to the Ronald Reagan Library in Simi Valley, California via heavy transport truck

Northrop Installation

Received over 200 truckloads of machinery components representing 25 S N K and Cincinnati double gantry profilers for Northrop’s Hawthorne Facility.

Rockwell International Equipment

Coast Constructors erected the Orbiter Lifting Facility which enabled NASA to load the Space Shuttle Endeavor for transport from its point of manufacture in Palmdale to Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

Northrop: Seismic Retrofit

Seismic Retrofitting of Large Wood Structure